The standard of Color Glass

YD-Color of Youngdo Glass Industry

Youngdo is the first company to do mass-production of color glass in Korea and Youngdo finally developed the perfect color glass through a lot of trials and errors in order to improve the quality of our color glass. Additionally Youngdo firstly developed production facilities for mass-production and the present production way which is the conveyor belt was developed by our own technologies.

Moreover Youngdo achieved a patent with the spray equipment developed by Youngdo in order to improve our quality of color glass.

YD color became the standard color of the color glass by our effort and our customer support. And we were listed up to the ‘2004 BEST LEADING COMPANY’ by Korea Economic Newspaper.

We won’t fall into a conceit, we do our best to supply better quality of color glass in the market.

Thank you.


Youngdo is the company which has a specialty for coating a big plate glass.

We firstly adopted the mass-production process of color glass. As the result we made an innovation through cheaply supplying the best quality of color glass in the construction/interior field.

Additionally we firstly developed the production facilities and process for glass which had been fully imported from foreign countries by our own technologies. Therefore we are a leading company to supply a eco-friendly glass.

Our color glass and glass coating technology can build the world biggest size(2.5m * 3.6m) which is remarkable.

We were not satisfied with it and our technology was publicly authorized through our research center firstly executed consecutive three national projects in the plate glass industry. And we initially and successfully developed a smart glass coating which was integrated with the cutting edge coating technologies.

Simultaneously Youngdo has firstly produced a plasma glass by adapting inline magnetron sputtering system which is the big size (2.5m * 3m) at the first into our production process.

At the past most coating process has caused a dust and a waste water by painting and plating, but inline magnetron sputtering coating technology is eco-friendly and future oriented coating technology which is based on plasma coating with cutting edge semiconductor and LCD

We never stop here and we promise that we will put our effort into producting and supplying better quality of glass and color glass more and more.

CEO YoungJoo Choi , Youngdo Glass Industry




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Enter Gamgok IC of Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway

Turn right to direction of Janghowon  and roughly 1 km

Turn left to Saenggeuk direction at the first intersection and roughly 1 km

Left side the restaurant ‘Gondrae’ cross a SK gass station at the right side and turn left. 

Keep roughly 1 km and black office building at the opposite side of the Iron museum on the left.