Cutting Edge High quality Multi-touch Glass Screen

Maximum 8K Ultra High Quality

SUPERLITE’s surface, which is different from convetional glass screen , was completed with special ceramic process.
As the result, perfectly fixed a screen double layer symptom , a hotspot by light reflection
SUPERLITE which vividly implements the ultra high quality.
The world first , the only one innovative technology.

Fully support multi-touch sensor

Recognition sensor has a smoothness problem on such as enamel products. But SUPERLITE is greatly appropriate to use a multi-touch sensor because the smoothness of SUPERLITE is highly great.

Support whiteboard marker

SUPERLITE seems that a glass screen enclose the board. Therefore you can easily write or erase with a board marker.

Great resistance against chemical products

SUPERLITE is equipped with excellent resistance that the glass screen features and quality do not compromise at all even if you use chemicals to erase the screen of SUPERLITE.

Strong durability

SUPERLITE is a suitable glass screen to use semi-permanently because its safety, endurance, durability are good.

SUPERLITE Usage - GeoGebra

SUPERLITE Usage - Ultra High Quality

SUPERLITE Usage - Human anatomy

SUPERLITE Usage - Multi-Touch